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What the Cards Mean: The World

Finally the Fool reaches the end of his journey. He stands at the top of his ladder to enlightenment and looks out over the entire World. He finally knows that the push/pull of internal conflict and contradictions have brought him here. His journey through the entire major arcana was necessary to understand, embrace, balance and integrate all of his life experiences into one unified self. He can look back over his journey with satisfaction and completion. The Fool has finally achieved wisdom.

When the World card appears in a spread, attainment of goals, career pursuits, graduation, marriage, children, a home, a spiritual accomplishment, a physical accomplishment, a financial accomplishment, etc. are coming to final fruition. This long sought goal(s) shows that the Fool has finally managed to do everything right to grab the brass ring. This card indicates self-satisfaction, integration, and attainment for those things you have been trying so hard to reach. The warring parts within us have made peace. The conscious and subconscious have bonded and put their differences aside. Our certainty and uncertainty have shaken hands. We have found completion for our goals and must now take the time to revel in our success and bask in the sun. Though this goal is now complete, it takes us right back to the beginning. What is the next goal to seek? What new mountain must we tackle?

The World card also suggests world-ly education. This card suggests opening yourself up to new cultures and ways of thinking. Try looking through the eyes of someone completely different from you to understand their perspective on things. It can also indicate it is time to take a trip around the world, discover new cultures and countries or sail over the seas.

If the World card is reversed or compromised in a spread then you may not reach your goals or you may find you are delayed in getting there. Putting the end goals off indefinitely or getting close to the finish line but never crossing it are also possible indicators when the World card is reversed. Outside forces may prevent you from finalizing your goals- such as financial resources or support. Things become slow and stagnant. If the World card is compromised, then you may not understand how to achieve what you want and miss the lesson and the full integration of your self. Or you may receive what you want, but it is not quite up to your expectations. You may feel sad after reaching said goal, as you now are unsure what to strive for. You may hope to go on a worldwide trip, but have difficulty with travel. This card can also indicate post-partum depression and empty nest syndrome. If the World card is reversed then it is important to reconnect to the importance of your reaching your goals. What do you need to do to re-motivate yourself to finish your pursuit? If you have reached your goals but have found them less then satisfying then it is important to take inventory over what is missing so that you can identify a new goal to fulfill that missing feeling.

Illustrations from The Considerate Cat Tarot Deck by Madeleine Belanger; photo by Holly Petersen

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