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What the Cards Mean: Judgment

As the Fool is finally able to see clearly from the light of the Sun, he can gaze back over the long and winding road that has brought him to this place. He can see all of the trials and tribulations, his successes, his failures, his mistakes and his growth. This path has revealed to him that he needed each and every one of these experiences to help him achieve completion and integration of a larger and more evolved sense of self. This journey has led the Fool to the card of Judgment.

The Judgment card is ultimately a card of karma. The choices and efforts you have made will finally come back to move you forward or pull you back, depending on the positive or negative energies you have spent. If you have worked hard and tried your best to love and be loved, build a home and create a positive life for yourself, this card indicates that all of those efforts will be rewarded with an easier momentum, success or achievement. If on the other hand you have held many grudges, rejections and disappointments, this card can indicate you may find you receive these right back. Judgment can cause you to see where you have failed yourself and what self-conscious blocks have been steering your ship. It helps you to recognize these wounds so they can be brought into the light and healed, forgiven and absolved.

Overall the Judgment card suggests that a major epiphany awakens your spirit and calls you to where you are truly meant to be. This awakening will force you to make life changing decisions and realize that you were being prepared for your true calling all along. It could mean you quit your long held job in pursuit of some new vocation. You change your political or religious belief system. You take a year off so you can move to Guam and feed homeless people. Whatever it is the Judgment card says “no more fucking around, get out there and do the job your meant to do!”

The card of Judgment can also suggest you need to let go of your self judgment or judgment of others and find emotional growth and maturity. Let go of anger and resentment and forgive. Accept what you cannot change and free yourself to move on from the past. It could also mean this major perspective shift causes you to rearrange your priorities and responsibilities.

If in a reversed or in a compromised position the Judgment card means you refuse to examine your life lessons and instead dig your heals in so you do not face any change. Opportunities pass you by, information does not come through, you are left out. This card can also suggest becoming overly critical and judgmental of yourself or others. You make bad decisions, are overcome by fear and self-doubt and refuse to take responsibility for your own failures, instead blaming others. This denial of self may result in losing money, opportunities, happiness, love or family. The Judgment in reverse can also mean you do not get the lessons of your past, you do not take action or you do not take correct action.

Illustrations from Game of Thrones Tarot by Craig Coss. Photo by Holly Petersen

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