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What the Cards Mean: The Sun

After dealing with the brutal fall of the Tower, the faint faith of the Star and the constant confusion in the Moon (aka the dark night of the soul) the Fool finally reaches enlightenment in the Sun. The dark and foggy night begins to fade and the sun’s golden-white rays stretch across the earth, illuminating everything as far as the eye can see. The Fool now knows he never had anything to fear. The sun reveals to him that love and joy have surrounded him all along, and his journey is finally bringing him to the peace and happiness he has so long sought.

The card of the Sun is considered one of the most positive cards in the Tarot. When it appears in a spread it means that the success you have been working towards has arrived, the love and emotional fulfillment you have chased has finally been caught, the self satisfaction, joy, and bliss of life is surrounding your doorstep. This card can also tell you that all of life’s lessons were worth it and were needed to allow you to get to this place. This card radiates positivity over surrounding cards in a spread.

The sun card can indicate happy relationships, marriage, children, success in jobs and career, finding your life or spiritual path, traveling to a warm or tropical destination, going on an adventure, or just merely basking in the sun. It shows that your wisdom has expanded and you now have a better understanding of yourself, your soul and God.

Enlightenment or nearing closer to God, is said to be the whole point of our lives here on Earth. The life lessons, relationships and events we endure, allow us to achieve this ultimate goal. Finding peace and understanding, maturity and wisdom, love and forgiveness is something that we struggle with throughout our youth, but learn to foster as we grow into our golden years. Therefore the last three cards of the Fool’s journey (the Sun, Judgment and the World) are three cards that encompass our ultimate achievement: growth, integration, expansion and ascension onto the next rung of the cosmic ladder - enlightenment.

If the Sun is reversed or compromised in a spread it can mean you refuse to look at the positive things in your life and focus instead on the negative. You may reject any good or happy events or relationships and instead stay in the shade. You may become depressed and feel that you don’t have a place to belong to or no one cares. This card can also indicate you lack enthusiasm or excitement for something that may be truly wonderful for you, or you are unclear about your life path. It can also indicate you are overconfident and bask in the sun so long you get burned. Be weary of your goals and your zeal. Be sure you can truly achieve what you set out to do. Even though the Sun is in the reversed position it is still a highly positive card, so whatever negative aspects are shown, they are most likely short lived.

Illustrations from the Light Grey Tarot Deck "The Sun" by Ricardo Bessa; photo by Holly Petersen

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