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What the Cards Mean: The Moon

Working his way through the darkness, the Fool spots a bright path of light illuminating the night. The Moon smiles down on the Fool from above as it joins the Star in helping the Fool navigate his way out of his sorrows. The Fool can see better with the help from the Moon but there are many things beyond the Moon’s touch that he cannot see. What could possibly be lurking out there in the forest? What may he be blindsided by that he cannot see coming?

The energy of the Moon is a guiding light, that can direct the Fool onto his path, but the Moon’s limited illumination reminds us that we don’t have all of the information. Everything we can see is not necessarily all that there is. The Moon therefore presents the Fool with an illusion that cannot entirely be trusted. The Moon rests heavily on the Fool to abandon what he thinks he knows and trusts his gut and intuition to lead him through the darkness. This fills the Fool with anxiety and fear and causes him a great deal of confusion and uncertainty. However, if he listens to his gut, pays attention to his dreams and proceeds with caution, the Fool can make it to sunrise without too much turmoil.

The Moon is an illusive card at best, but it truly emphasizes the need to listen to our own truth. When this card appears in a spread it is time to rely heavily on your gut check and pay attention to the messages from your nighttime dreams as they may be pointing you to information that you have missed. The Moon can also represent old issues/emotions coming back up again that need to be addressed so that you can properly move on. The Moon card can also warn of addiction and points to illegal dealings (under the cover of darkness) and doggy behavior by yourself or someone you are involved with. Be careful who you trust.

If the Moon is reversed or compromised in a spread then the anxiety, fear and insecurities offered in the upright version of the card begin to dissipate. You learn to work through them and move forward. It can also imply you receive psychic information but you may have a hard time interpreting the information in a way that is useful to you. Or you block this information all together. The Moon reversed can also indicate that unknown information becomes known, secrets are revealed and lies are exposed.

The Moon reversed can also signify that you refuse to deal with repressed emotions and issues and continue to push them back down and ignore them. Mental health issues may come to light. It can also indicate you cannot see nor take responsibility for your part in causing something to happen in your life and continue to believe in mistruths and fantasies. This can lead to irrational behavior generated by these false beliefs. You may withdrawal from people and society because your trust issues are too great.

Illustrations from The Considerate Cat Tarot Deck by Madeleine Belanger; photo by Holly Petersen

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