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What the Cards Mean: The Star

After the fiery Tower brings the Fool tumbling to the ground, he lays motionless at its burning base. A cloud of night descends upon him, swirling across the night sky and shrouding him in darkness. With the wind knocked clean out of him, leaving him bloody and broken, the Fool has nothing left to do but lay helpless and shattered. Through his agony and grief he peers out through the darkness and clouds. Just above the horizon he sees a small pinpoint of light. He sees the Star.

When things look the bleakest, when we’ve been through the worst, the Star is the first light we see. This tiny point of light is our hope and renewal. It reminds us that the worst part is now over, its time to rise, dust ourselves off and move on. The Fool must now focus and move towards the light that will eventually lead him out of the darkness and back onto his path. The inevitable lessons in the Tower are done; the rest of the Fool’s life can be rebuilt and redefined on new terms. The Star is the beginning of this new life.

When the Star card appears in a reading it suggests that it is time to rebuild your faith, change your attitude, believe in your dreams, heal from past traumas and move forward. The Star is a card of healing and acceptance – not just of others but of yourself. It is about belief, faith, hope, strength, renewal and finding your way home again. It is suggesting you must process your emotions, take one small step at a time, and learn to walk again. It may take some time but you will be ok. Do not give up on hope!

The Star card can also suggest inspiration, developing creative talents or psychic gifts or learning about technology, science, astrology or astronomy. It could mean that you are receiving recognition for being a super star achiever!

If the Star is reversed or compromised in a spread then it suggests that your faith, hope or confidence is blocked and you cannot muster the drive to rebuild your life. Things may not even be as bad as they seem in your circumstances, but because you cannot let go of your failure or unhappiness you refuse to move forward and instead stay stuck in despair. The Star card is truly a card about attitude so if you cannot or will not change your attitude you cannot move forward. Your lack of faith keeps you stuck. Your anger and/or apathy become more dominant. Your creativity is blocked. You will not help yourself and you refuse help from others. You dig your heals in. The Star in the reversed position can suggest you would rather maintain your victim thinking then to let go and move on. If you truly want to heal, you must take responsibility for your attitude, and muster the courage and motivation to try again.

Illustrations from Trippin' Waite Tarot Deck by James Abrams; photo by Holly Petersen

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