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How the Cards Work Part 3: The Fool’s Journey

In this post we finally come to the third and final part of the Fool’s journey through the major arcana. The exploration of this journey started here in part 1: and continued here in part 2: we learned earlier, the Fool’s Journey tells us the story of the Fool and the experiences, people, places and events he will encounter throughout his lifetime. In reality we are the Fool, and the Fool’s journey represents the experiences, people, places and events we will encounter in our lifetime. These events are reflected back to us through the Tarot. In part one of his journey the Fool survived the ups and downs of his childhood and adolescent years and built enough maturity, skill and determination to strike out into the world. In part two the Fool developed his inner self by learning how to conquer his ferocious ego (Strength), develop inner wisdom (The Hermit), ride life's ups and downs (the Wheel), take a stand and pick his battles (Justice), make important sacrifices (The Hanged Man), deal with endings, changes and transitions (Death) and to strike a balance (Temperance). So where does the Fool go from here?

This final stage in the Fool’s journey is about spiritual enlightenment. As the Fool ascends up the ladder of the major arcana, he starts to recognize that many of life’s trials are behind him, though a few do still remain. The higher up the ladder he goes the closer he is to the ultimate illumination. The destiny for his journey is slowly starting to be revealed.

After The Fool moves out of Temperance (as seen at the end of part 2 of the Fool’s Journey) he immediately runs into one of the big guns: the Devil. The Devil is the part of the Fool that is STILL NOT under control. He is asking the Fool to look at his biggest attachments, his failings, his shadow-self, his repressed baggage, his need for alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. The Devil is there to tempt the Fool, but the Fool must remember that the Devil only has as much power over him as the Fool himself allows. The Devil says are you really done drinking? Are you really ready to walk away from this unhealthy relationship? Are you really capable of giving up your victim mentality? The Devil is always ready to take you out for a night on the town, whisper sweet sinful encouragement into your ear, stoke the fires of your insecurities until they blister into a hurricane and burn down your life. He knows your weaknesses. Be weary not to give him too much control.

Of course you cannot have the Devil card without being followed by the fiery inferno of the Tower. The Tower card represents the tear down of a certain structure or structures in your life such as a career choice that isn’t working, a relationship that is going nowhere, etc. People tend to be terrified of this card showing up in a reading because it indicates change is coming whether you like it or not. However, it doesn’t have to be a bad card. If you have built something in your life that is not on solid footing, then it cannot hold. This part of your life needs to come down, so that you can rebuild with a better design, foundation and intent. The Tower can be a painful card, but for many it can be a relief. You can release the thing that is draining your energy, mourn its passing, take note of its lessons and move on.

Following the destruction of the Tower we are left feeling a bit disillusioned in the Star. There is great darkness and uncertainty, but there is also a sense of hope and faith that this period will pass and soon things will be back on track. It is a time to rebuild, take care of oneself and find the faith and courage to move forward in one’s life. This could be the time after a divorce, when you are still healing and not quite ready for a new relationship. Or it could be a time after being let go from your job and now you must decide what career path you want to pursue. It is a time for healing and believing that you can rebuild again.

As time passes, the dim light of the Star fades away to the brighter light of the Moon. In the Moon card your circumstances are illuminated and you are able to see and understand a bit more about your life. You may have some confusion and uncertainty about what to do next for fear of making the same mistakes again, but as you seek answers the Moon will escort you to the brightest of lights – the Sun.

Finally you reach daylight in the Sun! The Sun is one of the happiest cards in the Tarot! It brings full illumination- meaning you are nearing peak enlightenment. The Sun tells you that you have learned your lessons, you understand now how to achieve what you want and how to glean great emotional satisfaction and happiness from it. This card is about joy, love, success, and bliss. This is the place that we are all striving to find in our lives. Congratulations on finally getting here!

After basking in the warm glow of the Sun, the Fool arrives at the last two cards in the major arcana: Judgment and the World. The Judgment card is about truth, about realizing who you are and what you are. This card allows you to fully understand the trials and tribulations of your life, see your mistakes and the lessons you have learned and then integrate them into your soul. Judgment is ascension to the next spiritual level.

The World is the final card in the major arcana. It is the card of completion. You have completed all of your steps, mastered all of the lessons in each card and have risen to the next tier. Think of the World as finishing the final level on a video game you have been trying to conquer for years. You have figured out how to master and beat each level and now you have arrived at the end. You have evolved, grown, matured and moved closer to the light of all creation. Take the time now to bask in the glory of what you have done, as this journey will start all over again in your next life. xoxo

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