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The Care and Feeding of Your Tarot Cards

Even though Tarot cards are just pieces of card stock, they still require care and feeding (aka recharging). If you have a Tarot deck and want it to work as well as possible, there are a few things you can do to help ensure the cards stay energized, harmonized and in great working order.

Arrival of a new deck

The first thing I do when I receive a new deck of Tarot cards is I take them out of their box and look through each card one by one. I do this in order to review the imagery of each card and see how I feel about the usage of colors, symbols, numbers, fonts and artwork, etc. Then I will shuffle the deck and try it out with a few spreads to see how I feel about my ability to connect with the deck. If I decide to work with that particular deck then I prepare to bond with it. I do so by putting the deck in numerical order, keeping the cards protected, energized and accessible in order to “harmonize” with said deck.

Putting your deck in order

Putting your Tarot deck in order essentially means putting each suit of the minor arcana in numerical order (Ace-Ten) followed by the court cards of said suit (Page, Knight, Queen and King). Therefore each suit should be in order from the Ace through the King of Wands or the Ace through the King of Pentacles for example. Then I put the major arcana in numerical order. Then I stack all 78 cards together with either the minor or major arcana on top. It does not really matter which, as long as the cards are all in numerical order. This is important because it “resets” the Tarot deck. If you have been reading just for yourself with this deck and now you are going to read for someone else, it will reset the energy of the cards so it can attune to the new person.

Protecting your cards

When not in use, there are many ways to keep your cards protected from damage or scatter. I like to put my Tarot decks into either Tarot bags or specifically made Tarot boxes. You can find many options on Amazon. Some people prefer just to put the deck back in the boxes they came in, which is another option. Still others will wrap their cards in silk cloth or other fabrics that can provide neutralizing protection from any surrounding energies that could influence the cards. All of these ideas are fine, the point is to find what works best for you and your deck.

Energizing your cards

There are several ways to keep your Tarot cards recharged with psychic energy. You can leave the cards stacked in numerical order on your windowsill at night, especially on the nights that a full moon is present. This a great way to clear old energy from the cards and re-charge them with new energy from the moon. Another option is to keep a clear quartz crystal with the deck, which will also help clear them of old energy and allow the cards to recharge from the crystal itself. You can also put your cards on an alter surrounded by other spiritual items and various other crystals.


Finally after you have put your cards in order, found your favorite way to keep them protected and energized, the next step is to put them someplace they can harmonize with your energy. Put the deck either in a place that is sacred to you or where you will see them frequently, such as a spiritual alter, desk, dressing table, or nightstand. You can even keep your cards under your pillow, in your purse, or in your pocket (especially the smaller sized mini decks that will fit easier in your pocket). If you store your Tarot cards in an area that you use or see frequently it will allow the cards to attune to your energy faster and easier. It will also remind you that your cards are there so that you will remember to pick them up, look at them and use them for readings or daily consults. As you practice with them and bond to the deck through regular interaction your readings will improve. I use my decks in this manner for a few weeks then I will repeat the cleansing process as outlined above to reset the deck, especially if I will be reading for someone other then myself.

How do you care for your Tarot cards? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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