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Tarot for Manifestation That Works

The concept of manifestation can be frustrating for many people. All of the manifestation books, videos, gurus and the like suggest that if you just put your mind to something you can achieve your goal. They suggest trying meditations, affirmations, acting “as if” etc will work to bring in what you desire. I found the idea of manifestation frustrating as none of those methods worked for me. Then I discovered why it was not working. If you want to bring something into your reality then you must bring it in energetically, in other words you must pull it into your life because you believe it should be there. In order to get into the energetic flow of what you want, you have to let go of the things that you don’t want. If you continue to hold onto limiting beliefs or old apathetic energy from the past then that energy could be deflecting what you truly want from showing up. For example if you want to manifest a promotion but you hold a belief that says you do not really think you deserve said promotion, or getting said promotion will be hard and scary then it is very difficult to bring that promotion in. If you want to find love, but deep down you do not feel lovable, or you have trust issues then you will continue to bring in people that do not love you and/or break your trust. If you are able to discard these negative beliefs and then redirect your energy to the opposite belief (such as I absolutely deserve to be loved or I know how to choose people who are trustworthy) then you are harmonizing with the energy of the thing that you want. Once you do this it is much easier and faster to bring in what you want. I discovered this recently when I was on YouTube and came across a video from Mind Valley in which energy/intuitive coach Christine Marie Sheldon took a group of people through a meditation to help them release their “blocks” to manifestation. You can find this meditation here:

Once I did this meditation I immediately noticed a difference. I ended up buying Christine's Unlimited Abundance program (no I am not affiliated with Mind Valley or this program in any way, I just was amazed by how effective it is). Since I did her program not only did my energy shift tremendously, but I found that when I wanted something to manifest in my life it actually worked. If I held any thoughts or beliefs that were blocking me from said goal I simply deleted them and then redirected my energy to achieving what I wanted. I feel more empowered and in “the flow” of manifestation then ever!

So where does the Tarot fit into all of this? I’m so glad you asked! The Tarot can help you achieve more clarification on how to get to your goal. After you have determined what your goal is you can use the Tarot to do a simple spread to help you clarify what your blocks are and review the multiple options available to get you there. First, choose a card from the deck that represents your goal and lay that down on the table. Then shuffle the deck while focusing on your goal. Next pull seven more cards. You can lay them out in any format you wish, but this is what each card will represent:

Card 1: Your goal – This is the card you chose from the deck that represents what you want.

Card 2: What is blocking you from said goal – This is the first card you will pull after you shuffle. This card will show you a block to your goal. It may not be the only block, but it is a main block to getting what you want.

Card 3: Where you are in terms of manifesting said goal – This is where you currently are on your path to getting what you want.

Card 4: What is serving you from not reaching your goal – This card represents the “pay off” if you DO NOT achieve your goal. Will you get to stay safe? Will you not have to go through change? Will you not have to take a risk? Etc.

Card 5: What will you get if you DO reach said goal? – This card will represent what will be the benefit of having what you want.

Card 6 and Card 7 and Card 8: What are the three paths to reaching your goal? - I saw this on Michelle Knight's website and wanted to include it as I think it is a great way to see the many ways you can get to your goal. One path may look better then the others and you may wish to focus on that. Or perhaps all three paths are something you want to pursue. Either way these cards should help you to see what your options are to get where you want to go.

So now that you have your cards laid out, look them over to determine if they make sense to you. Remember to not just look at the cards from a “book interpretation” perspective, but also use your intuition and the basic imagery on the cards to truly understand what they may be telling you. If you want help understanding your interpretation you can always reach out to me at for a second opinion.

Once you have determined what you want (card 1) then take a look at cards 2 and 4. These two cards are essentially the blocks to getting what you want. When you see these blocks come up try using Christie Sheldon’s meditation as mentioned above to remove these blocks. This is going to help energetically release the patterns that stop your dream from happening. Then use cards 3 and 5 to see where you are presently in relation to your goal and what will happen when you achieve this goal as a way to re-direct your energy to achieve what you do want. How much more work is there left to do? How do you want to feel once you’ve reached this goal? Focus on that energy to help align yourself with what you want.

Finally look at cards 6, 7 and 8 to see what the cards say about which paths are available to you. To determine which path resonates with you the best pull additional cards for clarification if you want to flesh out each path a bit more. You may even want to write up an action plan for each path indicated to see what steps look the quickest and easiest to achieve.

So that’s it! Try this Tarot spread out, and the meditation to release your blocks and let me know how it works for you in the comments below!

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