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Tarot At Christmas

Tarot is not what most people think about at Christmas time, in fact with all there is to do to prepare for the holidays Tarot cards and psychic readings are probably the last thing people ponder this time of year. However, the holidays are chalked full of excuses to bring Tarot into your life! Below are just a few reasons to remember Tarot this holiday season!

Bonding with Family and Friends

The holidays are a great time for Tarot readers in general because many of them are hired to read at office Christmas parties, department store events, galas and balls, personal holiday gatherings or any other end-of-the-year type events. I think the best Tarot parties are the ones where family and friends come together and get their cards read. Tarot readings open up a dialogue about whatever issues or problems or excitement and possibilities are in one’s immediate future, so of course the recipient wants to discuss the reading with those closest to them. Therefore I always suggest hiring a Tarot reader for a Christmas party for your friends and family. It’s a great way to bond with those closest to you especially during the most bond-y time of year! In my household it is a family tradition. After the food has been eaten and the presents have been opened and the general merriment has relaxed into the evening haze we sit around the table and I give everyone a Tarot reading. My family and friends are always excited to hear what’s in store for them in the New Year. This sheer act of discussing each of their readings as a family helps make each person feel important and special and front and center in our attention. It’s a great way to say “you are important to us now let’s spend a few minutes talking about you and your life!” Hence Tarot readings = bonding!

New Years Resolutions

Tarot can aid in the age-old tradition of New Year’s resolutions. There are many ways in which to use Tarot to reach your goals, including:

-Your past may dictate your future: Tarot is all about trajectory, therefore the Tarot will weigh what has happened in your past to determine how that will affect your future goals. Tarot readings can indicate if you are on the right energetic path to achieve your resolution or if changes need to be made to get where you want to go.

-Compare different courses of action: The Tarot can be used to show you what kind of outcome you can expect from different courses of action and ultimately what may be the best one to choose.

–Things to avoid: The Tarot can also warn what to watch out for that can derail you from meeting your goals. Tarot readings can hint you may need to make slight adjustments or new decisions to avoid deterring your goal achievement. The Tarot can explore where to put your focus and what to let go of completely.


Finally, you can always give the gift of Tarot at Christmas time! There are so many gift ideas around Tarot that you could probably find something for everyone out there! For example there are many beautiful Tarot decks that make great gifts such as: The Rider Waite (especially for those learning the Tarot)

The Considerate Cat Tarot (for Cat lovers)

The Wild Unknown Tarot (for your mystic friends)

The Bad Bitches Tarot (for your female empowerment friends)

You can give readings from a professional Tarot reader or psychic such as:

Sherrie Wirth

Lisa Giles Nystedt

Or myself Holly Petersen

You can give Tarot art. Tarot has become so popular that it turns up all over the place, in posters, t-shirts, tattoos, pretty much everywhere. Society 6 has some fun Tarot art that you can find here:

These are just a few ways in which you can bring Tarot into your Christmas festivities. If you have any other ideas of how to celebrate the holidays with Tarot please tell me below in the comments.

Happy Hollydays!


Clackamas, OR, USA

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