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What the Cards Mean: Justice

Justice: As the Fool puts one foot on either side of the Wheel of Fortune he learns to ride its ups and downs. He quickly encounters the lesson of balance, that still point on the wheel where the Fool can keep everything in harmony. The lesson of balance is found in the card of Justice. Justice is the righter of wrongs, the finder of balance, and the server of karmic just desserts. The Lady of Justice is blind to any emotional, situational or peripheral issues affecting ones circumstances. Those things that do not matter fall away when the law is applied. Justice’s highest purpose is in finding the truth and protecting the community of which it serves. The Fool essentially has to learn what battles to fight and then how to fight them. He needs to determine what the bottom line is and what is truly important so he can make the correct decisions for himself and the greater good. He needs to strike a balance. Justice is a card of mental balance. In the Strength card you must balance your ego with the situation at hand. In the Justice card you are asked to balance two things against each other and come to a fair, intellectual conclusion while withholding the emotion. The cards on either side of the Justice card in a spread can indicate what may need to be weighed against one another. The Justice card can also imply that you are going to court, or facing a lawsuit of some kind. It can imply a marriage, a contract, a partnership, or a business venture. You must enter into these contracts with your highest truth or the arrangement may not be fair and true to you and may lack the balance that you need.

Like the Strength and the Hermit card, the Justice card is one of four Tarot cards (the last being Temperance) that make up the four moral lessons. Without these four cards the Fool cannot develop a properly balanced mind and ego, thus hindering the development of characteristics and principles that create self-value and self-worth. The Strength card reminds us to contain our egos, the Hermit card reminds us to find our purpose and the Justice card reminds us to develop self-respect so our true selves can evolve and grow, making our lives richer and more meaningful. Without this evolution of self we go through the motions of life being angry at not getting our way, not finding our true purpose or path or being nice and respectful because we think its what is expected of us, not because we know we deserve it. It is why the four moral lessons must be developed, in order for the Fool to learn his true potential.

If the Justice card is compromised or reversed it can mean that The Fool does not get the Justice that he seeks. He may experience an injustice. His sense of self-worth is compromised. His life is out of balance and he cannot stand up for himself. There could be a lack of accountability, inequality, dishonesty or fairness. Delays may be indicated. It could also mean the legalities are too complicated, there is a loss of a lawsuit or someone has no regard for the law. Poor decision-making or illegal action takes place. It can also indicate biases or prejudice are at play. You may fear being called out for your actions, you may not be able to deal with the consequences of your actions or you cannot make a decision or take action. Justice reversed can also indicate you are overly critical with no room for empathy and understanding.

Keywords: Justice, balance, truth, legal issues, contracts, business, balance between two things impartially. Reversed: Injustice, lack of fairness, dishonesty, delays, imbalance, loss, prejudice, overly critical, inaction, indecision.

Illustrations for The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans © 2012 year Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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