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Signs you should get a Tarot Reading

This week guest blogger Sarah Roberts of Numerology Sign writes a great blog on knowing when to seek out a Tarot reading. She lists some great guidelines to consider and discusses ways the Tarot can aid you on your journey. Check out Sarah's post below!

Recently I was on an unexpected, last minute trip to a foreign city. As I wondered these new streets that attracted my attention, rather than my home streets that are so familiar they are a bit like background noise, I randomly noticed an incredible number of Tarot reading services dotted around the city, many more than I would have expected. At the time this was just an interesting fact about the city, but when I returned home, I started to notice the same thing there, and started to wonder how long all these places had been there and that I just hadn’t been seeing them.

Was this a sign that I should get a Tarot reading? Possibly, it is well known that supernatural forces bring our attention to the things that we need when we need them. Perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something.

After a week or so I did indeed decide to go for a reading, and after the reading I felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

This is not because the reading offered me a glimpse at the future and therefore let me see that everything would work out. While some psychics use Tarot cards to help focus their abilities, for most Tarot is not about seeing the future, but rather helping us access our intuition so that we can better understand what is happening in the here and now, both in the world around us and within ourselves, allowing us to raise the veil of uncertainty and make better decisions.

So short of a sign from the divine, when should you consider getting a Tarot reading?

Uncertainty over important life decisions

If you have an important life decision to make, and are having a hard time weighing up the pros and cons of the different options, this can be a good time to have a Tarot reading. A good Tarot reader should be able to help you unpick and see clearly the different options that you have before you. They should be able to help you bring to the surface how you feel about these different options, understand what action they will likely require from you, and what some of the likely consequences of your actions might be. This insight can help you better weigh the different options, and understand why you might be reluctant to go forward with a certain decision, so that you can deal with any emotions or fears that stand in your way.

Seeking objectivity

We all often find ourselves too close to certain situations to see objectively, therefore undermining our ability to make rational decisions, and sometimes paralysing our ability to make any decision at all. Relationships are a common example of this. The way we feel about another person can often blind us to the real causes of problems in relationships, and block us from seeing things that we or our partner needs in order to live a happier, healthier life. While the Tarot cards are unlikely to tell us anything we don’t already know about the situation, at least in our subconscious, a good reader should be able to help us bring our objective knowledge about a situation to the surface, allowing us to step back and see it in a new light.

Starting something new

A Tarot reading can be useful when we are embarking on a new challenge, starting a new phase in life, or at any time when we need to do some forward planning. Just like with the previous two examples, a Tarot reading with a good reader can help untangle the huge amounts of information that we have in our heads, in both our conscious goal-oriented mind and in our subconscious information gathering mind, and piece them together into a more coherent whole. This facilitates the planning process, bringing information that might be hidden or we don’t think is relevant into focus, and help us better understand the consequences of different actions, and what different actions might cost us, to make a better plan of actions.


A Tarot reading can be very useful if we feel like we are stuck in a rut, if our confidence has suffered in some way, or we just don’t know what to do next. A Tarot reading can help identify what it is that we have in mind, and what might be blocking us from moving forward, whether it is an unspoken internal fear, or unhealthy people or activities in our lives. It can similarly help us identify the real reasons we may be feeling a certain way about a situation. For example, are we mad that our boss didn’t stand up for us and our idea in a meeting, or are we upset that we lacked the confidence to sell the idea ourselves?

In this way the Tarot can help us know ourselves better, and by knowing ourselves better we can have greater empathy for ourselves, and also work on ourselves to make the changes and improvements that we seek.

Even if you feel like you are on the right track and everything is going according to plan, a Tarot reading can be helpful, to reinforce to ourselves that we have made the right decisions and are on the right path, and perhaps highlight anything to be wary of, which can sometimes be overlooked when everything is going so well. It can also help us to capitalize on a lucky streak, identifying new, spin off opportunities of our actions that we may never have considered before. It can help us maintain, and build, our strength and confidence, bringing even more happiness and success into our life.

Follow your intuition

Tarot readings are all about accessing your intuition to better understand yourself and the world around you in order to make better, more empowered decisions. Ultimately the decision about whether to get a Tarot reading or not should also be linked to your intuition. If you feel like it is something that would benefit you at this time go for it.

Sources: Numerology Sign, ATR Psychics

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