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What the Cards Mean: Strength

What the Cards Mean: Strength

Strength: At this point in the Fool’s Journey, the Fool has leapt out into the great wide world to begin the arduous task of “adulting.” The Strength card wants to see what the Fool is really made of after the shelter and precious protection of his childhood. Strength shows the Fool it is time to depend upon himself to face the challenges that the world will bring to his doorstep. This card usually depicts someone hanging out with a lion and either treating it like a harmless kitty cat or trying to strangle it to death. Strength wants you to take hold of the challenges dropped at your feet by the ego (the lion) and know how to wrestle and contain it (strength). The screaming inner toddler, the spoiled child, the “I didn’t get what I want” teenager, the rage and seething that only the ego can bring, live within all of us but must be contained if we are to evolve in our lives. Can you contain the brat inside of you? Can you be the bigger person? Can you take on more responsibility without resentment? If seen positively in a spread, then the Strength card says yes you can! Go forth and be successful! The challenge is achievable. Use your personal power and do it! On the other hand, this card can also ask you to learn how to accept disappointment. Hold onto your inner child and let it scream and cry, then with gentle understanding let go of the misery and reward yourself with some ice cream. Once you accomplish this task, that lion will turn into that pussycat. On yet another hand this card can also mean that on a physical level you workout and have a killer bod!

When in a reversed or compromised position the Strength card indicates the failure of self to overcome the rages of the lion. The Fool’s anger glows, he throws temper tantrums, becomes confrontational, throws shade at the object of his anger and rages against the machine. It could be that his pride is so big that he runs right over the top of others with his will. He becomes controlling, or is so filled with fear that he suppresses his true urges or passions. The opposite can also be true. The Fool’s lion may be very weak-willed. He may feel helpless and filled with doubt and fear. It could mean he doesn’t have the heart to fight for something or he is failing at his task or responsibilities. He is not ready to take on the challenge as his inner self does not have the “strength” to meet its demands.

Keywords: Overcome your childish ego. Develop self-compassion and understanding. Physical strength. Ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Reversed: Anger wins. Temper tantrums and rage abound. Suppressed passions. Do not take on tasks you do not have the interest or strength to pursue. Be weary not to run over others with your will.

Illustration of the “Strength” card is from The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission. Photo taken by Holly Petersen.

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