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The Pentacles Royal Family

Tree roots barrel and twist through the dark soil and sediment, taking hold and tightening their grip into the earth’s murky core. This master stabilization process allows the tree to bloom its mighty trunk and extend its baby branches towards the sky, reaching towards its highest and fullest potential. Just like the tree, the rich and mighty element of earth plants itself into the Tarot’s suit of Pentacles by digging deep and anchoring itself into the cards. When the suit of Pentacles appear in a Tarot reading get ready to hunker down, as this means its time to put your nose to the grindstone, work hard and reach your highest potential.

The four worker bees in the suit of Pentacles remind you its time to start “adulting”. Always focused on the task at hand, these four court cards like to learn, work, and make money! They may encourage you to pursue higher education and/or apprenticeships, set goals, and achieve, achieve, achieve! Their down-to-earth features (dark brown or black hair, brown eyes, olive skin), practical personalities (any of the earth signs Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus) and dependable character traits can earn anyone’s trust and respect. Below we see what we can dig up on these four earthy individuals and what it may mean when they appear in a Tarot spread.

The Page of Pentacles- The Page is a child, who has not quite hit puberty. He can be quite serious, predictable and focused for his age. He takes on responsibility easily and likes to earn money and have nice things. As the Pentacles represent physicality or the physical body, he may also embody great athletic ability. If not representing a child, this card can suggest the beginning of a new job or business venture. It may mean going back to school to learn a new skill, obtain a degree or it could indicate its time to start work on building a hobby into a business. Now is the time to hone your craft or nurture your talent as it may take time to get it to a professional level. This card can also suggest starting a healthier diet, exercise plan, relax and de-stress, or set more time aside to enjoy sensual pleasures.

If the Page is reversed or compromised then he may bring bad news. You may suffer a small loss of money or a disappointment. The reversed page wants money and the nice things in life but doesn’t want to work for it. He may be given information or advice he refuses to listen to. He may skip school or drop out all together. He may struggle to learn, or just lose interest. The Page may ignore his health, become depressed, bored, and exhausted. He may even neglect his hygiene. In regards to a project, this card can indicated a lack of progress, poor planning, dropping the ball or no long-term focus planned out.

The Knight of Pentacles- This Knight is a steadfast young man. He has not settled down just yet, as he is too busy plotting his course. He is dependable, observant, hardworking, practical and trustworthy. He doesn’t do anything quickly. You always know where he is and when he is going to be there, as there are few surprises with the Knight of Pentacles. He loves anything of a physical nature – athleticism, working out, sex. He is methodical and faithful. Because he is of the Earth he tends to move slowly and can even be considered a bit boring, but what he lacks in excitement, he makes up for in stability and security. His earthy nature can also make him quite stubborn and stuck in his ways, it’s his way or the highway. Is appearance in a spread may indicate its time to go to college or a trade school to develop your skills. If not representing a person, this card can indicate the day-to-day tasks of ordinary living or moving forward at a slow clip-clop pace. It may also suggest one going through a slow, physical change.

If the Knight is reversed or compromised then he can be lazy, depressed, bored and neglectful. He can have commitment problems, become impatient and careless. He isn’t someone that elicits much trust. He also cannot hold a job, but blames everyone but himself. The compromised Knight does not value money therefore he never has any interest in pursing it. He may have gambling problems or just financial problems in general. He could spend too much money on random stuff and then stress over how he will pay for it. Physically, the Knight can become either incredible lazy, and just lay around, or the opposite – he may obsess about working out. This card could indicate some obstacles coming up in your life. It could mean being overly tired and filled with apathy or not being able to find real meaning in your work. It could also indicate unemployment or having no direction or mobility.

The Queen of Pentacles- The Queen of Pentacles is a very sensual woman and a passionate lover. A natural nurturer and mentor, she loves to take care of her children and build her nest. Fully embodying the traits of her sign, she is hard working, dependable, pragmatic, self-sufficient and wealthy. She believes in tradition. She loves to spend her money on material things (she loves the best life has to offer) and those that she believes in (she likes to take care of others). She is also very capable in business and can create her own prosperity. She is an excellent homemaker, providing a beautiful home and all of the best “stuff” for her family. The Queen also promotes a healthy living lifestyle through a balanced diet and exercise plan. She is highly attuned to nature, is practical and down-to-earth

The reversed or compromised Queen is overly materialistic and obsessed with her money. She may take on an elitist attitude or only pursue others if they have money. Her motherly qualities fall apart and she rejects her family and their needs. She can be unfaithful in her marriage or primary relationship. She can struggle with her finances or lose social status. Her house is chaotic and her children run wild, or just the opposite, she is rigid and controlling about housework, controlling of her children and obsessed with her appearance – constantly exercising and dieting. She may suffer from digestive issues. She may work too much and neglect her family. She can be prone to mood swings, can’t do anything for herself and relies heavily on others to help her, becoming mistrustful and insecure.

The King of Pentacles- The King of Pentacles is a mature man, most likely married with a family. The King typically refers to a wealthy, successful businessman or at least a man who has learned to achieve in his own way. The King is an excellent provider, good with money, a good leader or manager, hard working, productive and strong. The King is aware of his status and gives back to society and charity. The King is typically a man in power, such as a CEO or in a leadership role of some kind. He is driven to build his place in the world and establish his power. He is tremendously ambitious, wise and disciplined and provides security and protection for his family. He is very healthy and loves good food, wine and sex. He also loves sports and exercise. The King can appear as a mentor for those who need help in business or finance. This card can indicate that making money takes time and you must have patience to move forward.

The reversed or compromised King of Pentacles is controlling, stubborn, domineering, and highly materialistic. He is overly focused on his possessions and money and is abusive of his power. He may use his position and money to unfairly influence politics or business dealings. He can be jealous, crass and insensitive, exploiting his people and his resources. A tyrant, the King can be highly corrupt and suffering from a Napoleon complex. He is easy to bribe and conducts unfair and shady business practices. He can cling to his elitist and arrogant behaviors, not wanting to work for his wealth anymore. He does not value money in the right way, therefore it can slip through his fingers causing him to react even worst. If not representing the King, this card can indicate feeling undervalued or feeling taken advantage of at work, causing one to refuse to cooperate. This card can also indicate overly or reckless spending. It may suggest sluggish finances or being overwhelmed by money problems or a loss of status or power. This stress can lead to overeating and digestion issues and a lack of energy.

Artwork from the Mythic Tarot Deck by © Tricia Newell, who has granted permission for their use on this website. Photography by Holly Petersen.

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