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Four Steps to Connecting with Your Tarot Deck

Learning how to read the Tarot well requires a commitment on the part of the reader to attune to spirit on a regular basis, practice with the cards everyday, and establish self-trust. If you are becoming a professional Tarot reader, or just advancing your skills with the cards, then learning how to connect to your Tarot deck is imperative. Below are four ways in which you can develop a stronger connection to your Tarot cards, thus enhancing your ability to give truly amazing Tarot readings!

  1. Meditate/Affirmations- To begin with, I would suggest meditating before reading the cards. This will do two things: It helps you to focus, so that you can center yourself fully on the cards and it helps you to attune to spirit, so you can open to receive any additional information or guidance from your intuitive/higher self side. Put on some loose, comfortable clothing, find a comfortable position and relax and breath. Allow whatever thoughts come to the surface and then let them go. Focus on the breath. If you are so inclined, you may even ask your spirit guides, higher self or anything else that you may subscribe to in the spiritual realm to come fourth and help guide you on your Tarot journey. If you do receive any information during your meditation, write it down so you may refer to it later. You may also take this time to practice affirmations that help build your confidence in connecting to the cards. “I am a gifted Tarot Reader” “I help people grow in the most positive ways” “I am guided by spirit in my Tarot work” – These are just a few examples of affirmations that can help build your self-confidence, but you should make up your own so they are more personal to you. The feeling of belief is the most important aspect of affirmations, so if you do not feel any emotional punch when saying your affirmations, then tweak the affirmation until you do feel it or try a new one. For example if the original affirmation is “I am a great Tarot Reader” but when you say that you really do not feel it’s true, then change the affirmation to say “I have given many successful Tarot readings, and clients are happy with my work.” This can create that confident feeling, but it may be closer to what you actually know/believe and therefore easier to generate the emotional reaction.

  2. Work with your cards everyday (or try to) – The best way to develop a relationship with the cards is to work with them everyday. Working with the cards on a regular basis develops a comfort and confidence in your Tarot knowledge and reading skills. Try keeping a Tarot journal and write down your daily questions and then record the cards you pull for each question. This allows you to look back over these readings later to see how close your interpretations hit for each question. Another technique is to create a personality for each card. What or who does this card remind you of in your own life? Is there a celebrity or famous story that you can identify for each card? By giving each card it’s own unique identifier, meaning or emotional resonance, you will know exactly what it’s trying to say when it appears in a spread. By doing this, not only do you build a stronger familiarity with each card, but you create a repertoire of what each card means specifically to you. This personalization with the cards will increase your confidence and accuracy in your readings.

  3. Develop self-trust by asking for certain cards - One of the biggest challenges to learning the Tarot is to know if you are interpreting the cards correctly, or if you are just playing a guessing game. However, one technique I have found has helped remove the guesswork and instead developed a foundation of self-trust. You simply ask for a specific card to appear.What I mean is after you have determined your question and you know how many cards you will pull during your reading, then, while still shuffling, tell the cards, “If I pull two cards and one of them is the 9 of Pentacles, then I know that I should take that job.” I have tried this approach on many occasions and many times it has worked- I pulled the card I requested for my answer. There is a 1 out of 78 chance of getting the card I need, and if I pull it I take it as confirmation of what to do. Try this technique and see how it works for you.

  4. Keep your deck energetically clear – Finally, it is important to keep your deck clear of energies, which can accumulate after a lot of use. If you are already reading for clients professionally, then it is best to try to clear your deck at the end of each day. Some readers may even clear their decks between each client, but if you are working at a party, fair or farmer’s market there probably will not be enough time to do this. To properly clear your deck you can put the cards in number and suit order, put it on a windowsill in the moonlight with a clear quartz crystal lying on top. Leave the cards there all night for a proper cleansing. Another technique is to burn sage sticks and waft the smoke over the cards. Go with whatever technique feels right for you. By cleansing the deck of old energies you re-energize it, and “clean the slate” so no old energetic residue is left over from past clients and its fresh and ready for your next clients.

What about you? What techniques do you use to connect to your Tarot cards? Tell me in the comments below!

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