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Tarot Cards for Romance

Ohhhh L’Amour! We all crave that late night phone call, candlelight dinner, blushing sideways glance that make our heart flutter with delight. “Where is this relationship going?” “When will she call?” “Is he the one?” “Does she truly love me?” are just a few of the many romance questions that arise during Tarot readings. Luckily the Tarot is well versed in the language of love and offers valuable romantic advice that could even make Dr. Ruth blush. Below we take a look at some Tarot cards that represent love and romance. Some can indicate an upswing in your relationship, a new love beginning to bloom, or a heady, romantic tryst about to break through your horizon. If any of these cards show up for you ready yourself for le grand amour!

The Empress- The Empress is a woman engaging and exploring her full feminine nature. The Empress suggests getting to know yourself physically and carnally by taking a lover and seeing what can fully manifest from your feminine power (building sexual experience or pregnancy). Her presence can suggest that such an opportunity for love may be on its way to you or it could indicate that you are now ready for it to show up! Hey guys, this card speaks to you too. She wants you to get in touch with your feminine side, explore your sexual senses and start to consider settling down and “nesting” with your lady love.

The Lovers- This one isn’t too hard to figure out. The Lovers card can absolutely indicate a major romance is coming. I would pick this card to indicate a “big relationship” is on its way. This guy or girl will be sticking around and it could be forever. That’s how big the Lovers card can be. At the very least this card indicates this relationship will bring great change to you and your life. It’s time to nurture and develop this bond to its fullest potential and make new life choices to accommodate it. Either way, it is a great opportunity for growth and to find a love that can change you forever.

Temperance- When Temperance appears it can show stability and balance in the foundation of a strong relationship. This card indicates the ebb and flow of emotions between two points (or two people), the process of give and take and letting things go that do not matter. Temperance is an excellent card to show the integration of opposites: Two individuals are aligned within their own mind, heart, body and spirit and then aligned with each other. When this card appears in your spread, it means you have the yin/yang down of a healthy relationship, nice job!

The Sun- Ah yes, the Sun! It is the most powerful of positive cards in the Tarot. The Sun shines its positive rays on all aspects of your life. This happy energy fills you with joy, raising your energetic vibration and increasing your frequency making it much easier to pull to you the things you want the most- L’Amour! When receiving the Sun in reference to a romance question, all signs point to yes! This card indicates love, happiness, romance, etc. are coming your way, especially if paired with the right complimentary cards!

The Knight of Wands- This card warns you to get your hair curled and your nails done because the Knight of Wands is coming to town! He is dashing, passionate and a terrific lover! Do not, however, start planning your wedding day quite yet ladies, he truly is just a one-night stand. Too young and virile, the Knight of Wands isn’t interested in being tied down to any long-term commitments. He’s a love ‘em and leave ‘em type, but can be fun for the time being! Why not have a little tryst? You’re only young once!

The King of Wands- The King of Wands is the older, more mature version of the Knight of Wands. He possesses the same fiery passion, charm and seduction as his younger self. Coupled with the experience of an older man, the King of Wands may be more apt to settle down, though his rate of fidelity may not be as strong as the other kings in the Tarot. This king gets bored quickly and is always looking for a new conquest, whether that be in romance or in business. On the up side, he loves adventure and will travel the world chasing his wildest pursuits. If filling your life with passion and travel sounds like the lifestyle for you, then this King may just be your guy!

Two of Cups– This lovely card suggests the beginning of a new romantic relationship. Cups are the suit of love and relationships, and the two suggests the ”beginning” of a relationship or partnership. Hence this card represents the introduction of two people that have the potential for love to bloom between them. When this card appears in a spread, be on the look out for a new romantic possibility to emerge in your life soon!

Ten of Cups- You’ve made it! You’ve established a happy, healthy family. You bought your house in the country and you and your spouse can finally live out your days under the rainbow of happiness. When this card appears in a spread, it says that love, harmony and stability will befall you and your love for the foreseeable future. Congratulations! This is the card we all strive for in romance!

The Queen of Pentacles– The Queen of Pentacles is a sensual and physical woman. Her “earthy” quality makes her very attuned to her own inner nature in a “hippie-like” “nudist-camp” sort of way. She is very comfortable in her own skin and has a healthy sexual appetite with a strong talent for seduction. When the Queen of Pentacles appears to you she may suggest its time to embrace your own sexual nature, strip down and go skinny-dipping! Or this lovely lady may just show up in your life to teach you how to let go of judgment and embrace your own natural side.

The Knight of Cups– This young man is gallant, chivalrous and loyal. He represents the ideal “knight in shinning armor” that we all hope will gallop in on his horse one day. Always thinking of his significant other first, the knight will treat his person with love, tenderness and respect. This knight is much more apt to commitment and family then his Knight of Wands counterpart. He is your high school or college boyfriend that you end up marrying, because he is just such a great guy! If he doffs his hat to you in a Tarot reading, then you can expect to meet a guy who is ready to seriously commit. However, due to his highly sensitive nature, it may take him a bit to learn to trust you. Once he does, he is yours forever!

The Queen of Cups- This lovely lady is looking for her king to settle down with and build a family. A beautiful girl both inside and out, she loves deeply and seduces with her whole heart. The watery element of her card suggests she has a deeply sensitive and intuitive nature, so expect her to know what you are thinking or needing without ever saying a word. When she slips into your spread, she may indicate the girl of your dreams is about to show up. Or she may be reminding you to love those around you with deep compassion and great care.

The Page of Cups- Finally the Page of Cups may not necessarily suggest romance is coming, but it can suggest that you are getting ready for romance, which is the first step to bringing it in! The Page of Cups represents those small fluttering in your heart telling you that something is missing and its time to seek out your romantic equal. This page can also suggest you are ready to get back into the dating pool again after a bad or sad breakup. Either way, this is a good sign that you are back on the road to love and getting ready to welcome someone new into your life!

Illustrations from The Crystal Visions Tarot Deck were reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902.c. (March 7, 2018) by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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