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The Swords Royal Family

The great and powerful brain consists of interwoven grey matter that twists and turns through our skulls, sending electrical impulses all over our body, consuming our visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile senses and assigning perception, meaning and emotion to their context. This powerful master acts as the control center for our lives, is ruled by the element of air and represented by the mighty suit of Swords in the Tarot. Considered as the “darkest” suit in the cards, the Swords speak to the pain, fear, insecurity, anxiety, and exhaustion that an overworked brain can bring. It also speaks to the brilliant, confident and competitive nature that one can harness with a highly intelligent mind.

The nerds in the suit of Swords family know exactly how to wield their great swords of intellect. They represent the best brains out there and can debate on any topic all day long. Though you may learn a thing or two from these geeks, they may not always be kind when touting their superior smarts as they do not care too much about emotions or hurt feelings. Their sharp looks (dark or black hair, blue, green or grey eyes, fair skin), no-nonsense personalities (any of the air signs Aquarius, Libra or Gemini) and smart character traits either compel others towards them or turn them away. Below these four family members find themselves under a microscope as we analyze and explore what makes them tick.

Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is a child of either sex, knocking on the door of puberty. The page is precocious, curious, independent and loves to learn. She is also nosy, always trying to discover the “secrets” that adults keep hidden from view or investigating something under wraps. The Page of Swords can talk your ear off and asks a lot of questions, “why?, why?, why?” As all pages are, this Page is a messenger. Her messages can be about anything, but sometimes they are not-so-kind, immature gossip. Her appearance in your Tarot spread means it is time to develop your rational mind and educate yourself in a new way. She suggests taking some classes, learning a new skill or finding out information about a person, place or thing in your life that requires more attention from you. She also reminds you to keep your temper in check.

The reversed or compromised Page of Swords is someone who acts defensively, lashing out at others because they themselves are hurting. This can show up as a troublemaker at home and/or school or the office gossip that no one trusts. She is spiteful and can take extreme action towards tearing others down. On the other hand, the reversed Page may not stand up for herself, lacks confidence and can even become physically violent when it is not necessary. This card can also represent a project that is having difficulty getting started, or failing to deliver promises. The reversed Page can even indicate stuttering, psychological abuse or physical abuse, suicidal thoughts or autism.

The Knight of Swords

That sudden guest of wind that just swept past you was most likely the Knight of Swords galloping towards his next quest. The Knight is a fast young man. He flits from idea to idea, lover to lover, and experience to experience, so fast you are not even sure he was ever there. He strives for learning as much as he can, as fast as he can. He is a sharp communicator, but has very little patience for any emotional non-sense. He just wants the facts mame. He has trouble sticking to any one thing, because he is distracted by all he has to learn. He represents sudden abrupt change, shaking up consistent patterns, bringing in new ideas and excitement. However his darting back and fourth between adventures can bring chaos and disarray to one’s life. The Knight can be a bit of a perfectionist, highly opinionated, arrogant, impatient, focused, communicative and an intellectual snob. He is all about mental stimulation so he takes quick action and keeps himself moving, so as not to get bored. He is an overly critical thinker, and he isn’t shy about sharing his superior intellect with others. He is also quiet fast at manifesting his goals.

The reversed or compromised Knight of Swords has more trouble focusing then his upright counterpart. He disregards consequences, is argumentative, secretive, and full of “hot air”. He can be on the wrong side of an argument (his facts are wrong or mischecked) or harps on things that are irrelevant. He can throw temper-tantrums, seek revenge, make mistakes and blame others for them. He is always looking for a fight. He can con others or hurt others for fun. He is a show off and may challenge people to intellectual duels to flaunt his intellectual superiority. He can be verbally abusive, or aggressive in the wrong places. Just like the Page, the Knight is in pain and takes it out on others. On the other hand, the reversed Knight may become the victim of a con himself, lack strength, or a strong focused mind. Healthwise, the Knight has a predilection to violence, can find himself having accidents and getting wounded.

Queen of Swords

Just like her family members, the Queen of Swords is smart and quick on her feet. She is focused, organized, perceptive, idealistic and a visionary. The Queen is protective of herself and slow to trust others. She is assertive and fights for what is right, especially injustices or social causes. She knows how to use the right strategies in the right situations. She is a natural leader and dismisses anything that doesn’t suit a highbrow intellect, such as small-minded people, ideas or actions. The Queen can intimidate and demand the absolute best (if not perfection) from those that work for or with her. The Queen may be a leader of a company, a skilled researcher, attorney, teacher, scientist, or anything else that requires brainpower. She is driven by her career and filled with ambition. She is aloof and a bit cool to others, though she has a fabulous dry sense of humor! She may or may not be married, as she is very independent and the warmth of love and relationships is not typically at the top of her agenda. She has little desire to get into the “muck” of emotional entanglements. She may be divorced or widowed or even a spinster. When she appears in your spread, these idealistic visions may be developing within you. She suggests that others play by YOUR rules and that you perfect your own perfectionism.

The reversed or compromised Queen of Swords is insecure and lacks the total confidence that her upright side possesses. She overcompensates by being super judgmental, bitchy, very cold-hearted and manipulative. She will constantly criticize others, refuses to listen to them, and employs deceit. She becomes enraged when ignored or not heard. She may be the type to steal your ideas and claim them as her own, or gather information on you to use against you at a later time. She is overly emotional, dependent and much more vulnerable then her upside self. The Queen reversed will delay important decision-making (as she won’t be sure what to do), become overly self-critical and isolate herself from others. She has trouble making clear judgments. Healthwise her appearance in a spread can indicate allergies or environmental hazards.

King of Swords

All hail the King! Of course THIS King is going to be the most intelligent, with the highest principles and powers of reason and logic. This King also has a wonderful charm that allows him to sweet talk his way into and out of any situation presented to him. Typically the smartest guy in the room, the King of Swords is diplomatic, stable, balanced, educated, a wonderful communicator and knows how to create harmony amongst his worker bees. He is diplomatic and is concerned with fairness and establishing the truth. A wise decision-maker, he is a vast vessel of high-level knowledge with the ability to analyze complicated information. He is most likely working in the upper echelons of a corporation or government entity, with the benefit of mankind as his motivation. Because of his intellectual prowess he has amassed his own personal power and wields a great deal of authority. He comes up with great new ideas and could also be working well in the science and technology field or in high levels of the military or the law. As with all of the others in the family of Swords, he is not an emotional person and does not do well with emotional arguments. He supports others out of duty or obligation. He believes strongly in truth and justice, which is reflected in his ethics. When he appears in a spread it means you may need to develop your own intellect, high standards, principles and ethics to advance yourself towards your goals.

The reversed or compromised King of Swords is very similar to his Queen when she is compromised. He is hypercritical of others, aloof and cold. His charm turns to stone and he can even become aggressive in his dislike of those around him. He is a vindictive gossip, totally self-absorbed and solely focused on getting what he wants. This reversed King can be a tyrant, abusive and manipulative. His judgments over take him and he becomes domineering, unkind and arrogant. He is angry, harsh and unscrupulous. You may find yourself against him in a lawsuit where he cheats to win. This King may have become so disappointed by the systems he so dearly believed in (justice, politics, or business) that he has thrown in his hat and does not care anymore. He may even try to take things over from a superior, partner or co-worker. On the other hand, this King could simply be weak, have no more will to fight, cannot stand up for himself or anyone else and cannot make any decisions. His focus may be scattered and he is unable to lead. If regarding health concerns it could indicate senility or other mental issues.

Artwork from the Mythic Tarot Deck by © Tricia Newell, who has granted permission for their use on this website. Photography by Holly Petersen.

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