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The Wands Royal Family

Wands are the fire, burn, intensity, the eruption of power that evolves from the core of the body and explodes into action like lava spewing from a volcano. This force drives the human race forward giving us purpose, excitement to take a risk, pursue a passion, and follow a dream. Sometimes these impulses carry us into awkward or interesting places or we end up where we least expect. This emboldened spirit is bottled and imprinted onto the Tarot’s suit of Wands as the element of fire. The suit of Wands tells us the story of the artist, the creative, and the passionate pursuer. It speaks of the innovative spark, the ego struggles, the battles of will and the energy needed to break one’s goals through the glass ceiling. It encompasses the aspect of our life experience that is filled with fervor, desire and drama and thus infallibly making us human.

In each of the Tarot’s four suits, lives a small family. The family in the suit of Wands encompasses the positive attributes of the creative spirit as well as the downfalls of one dominated by pure passion. These four cards embody its essence in their fiery looks (red hair, fair skin, green or brown eyes), dynamic personalities (any of the fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries) and confident character traits. Below we look at these four family members, (also known as the court cards) and what each of them represents. Perhaps you know a few of these “characters” in your own life?

The Page of Wands- The page is a child of either sex, below the age of puberty. The Page of Wands is inquisitive and wants to learn about spirituality, the creative process, or anything that stirs the imagination. He is full of energy and excitement, has a very active imagination and loves to be the center of attention – look for him to be the class clown, or lead actor in the school play. The page also loves travel and exploring new places and ideas. When appearing in a spread, the Page of Wands can also represent feelings or messages. He may indicate the beginnings of dissatisfaction in a relationship or situation that is no longer working, pushing one to move on from that environment. He can also indicate one’s own interest in self-growth or self-development. The Page of Wands can bring good or bad news depending on surrounding cards.

If in a reversed or compromised position, the Page of Wands can indicate “drama,” someone who is just out for attention. Someone who throws tantrums, gossips or simply gets mad and walks away. His presence can also mean bad news, children misbehaving or rebelling, or someone who rejects opportunities and fears disappointment.

The Knight of Wands – The Knight of Wands is typically a young, eager man, though he could represent a female. The Knight is no longer a child but not quite ready for the trappings of adulthood. The Knight of Wands is the life of the party, the Casanova of women, the frat-boy troublemaker and adventurer. He loves to have fun and is the first to jump in the car for a road trip. He has a lot of oats to sew and is not interested in commitment ladies, but ohh is he exciting! He is creative, inquisitive and passionate about his innovative pursuits. He loves adventure and travel and spontaneity. When representing a feeling in a tarot spread then the Knight of Wands suggests taking action, travel, and change. There is no time to sit around and think things through, now is the time to ACT! High energy is taking over and pushing you forward at great speed.

If in a reversed or compromised position, the Knight of Wands can indicate feeling scattered and insecure. The reversed Knight can reject opportunities, be over taken by frustration and delays and resist change. He can take dangerous, unneeded risks or derail a project.

The Queen of Wands- The Queen of Wands is an adult female. She is the strongest leader of all of the queens in the tarot. There is nothing thrown at her that she cannot handle. She is knowledgeable and wise of the ways of the world. She is sensual and passionate and knows how to give and receive love. Though she has a strong personality and can be quite frank, she also is warm, loving and funny…people love this lady! She knows how to charm others into giving her what she wants. She is the consummate multi-tasker – juggling family, career and anything else she has chosen to take on (which is probably a lot as the Queen of Wands has her finger in all the bowls). She purrs along on self-confidence and self-esteem truly believing in her abilities to get things done! If this card represents a feeling then she is telling you to move forward on your passion and believe in yourself! You can do it! Focus on your purpose and you too can achieve your dreams!

If in a reversed or compromised position the Queen of Wands can show her insecurities by being aggressiveness, making demands or pouting when not getting her way. She turns into a “drama queen.” She can create conflict, become overbearing, a ball-buster. The usually “warm” queen turns cold. She becomes easily frustrated, has no ambition, is promiscuous, confrontational, burned out or self-important.

The King of Wands- The King of Wands is an adult man. He is active, passionate and driven. He loves adventure, challenge, creativity and power. He is driven by his creative pursuits-think of him as a musician, writer, director, actor, etc. Or if he chose to pursue a spiritual path he could be a priest, pastor, shaman or other religious figurehead. He may even work in a dangerous field such as a policeman or firefighter. He is a warm and charming leader. He knows how to get what he wants. He can be impatient and possibly quick to anger. If the King of Wands indicates a feeling he represents ambition, confidence, directness, and taking action.

If in a reversed or compromised position the King of Wands can be a bully and a tyrant. He can be fueled by arrogance and greed and will take credit for others work. He loves power, ego and flattery. He loves to pick fights just to show whose boss – him! He overreacts when he makes a mistake – afraid that it chips away at the image of perceived power he has of himself. He lacks confidence but doesn’t want anyone to see that, so he overcompensates and looks like a real jerk!

Artwork from the Mythic Tarot Deck by © Tricia Newell, who has granted permission for their use on this website. Photography by Holly Petersen.

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