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Can Tarot Cards Really Tell the Future?

Can Tarot Cards Really Tell the Future?

Tarot cards are mysterious inked images, painted on scraps of paper that are reputed to tell the future and fortune of those who seek its wisdom. Devised and developed in the 15th century, tarot cards were only afforded by the wealthy, who paid to have them commissioned by renaissance artists to enhance their leisurely card playing activities. Tarot cards were not intended (at least not initially), for divination purposes. In fact, in the 14th Century a regular deck of playing cards were used for fortune telling (known as cartomancy). So how did the tarot wind up as a future-telling device and do they actually tell the future?

In the 1770’s famed Occultist Etteilla started using the tarot for divination. He believed the tarot held the great secrets of Egyptian mythology and the power of the Gods. He studied tarot cards, wrote books about the subject and built a business as a tarot card reader. He was, in fact, the first professional tarot card reader that we know of in history. As his work developed, other occultists took notice and began taking a special interest in the tarot. This is when the tarot surpassed regular playing cards as a primary tool for divination practice.

The tarot’s 78 cards each represent a theme, event, person or situation that reflect trials and tribulations of the human experience. As the cards are placed together in special positions (known as a spread) the imagery blends together to form a story. The tarot card reader interprets the illuminating story and relays the message to the sitter (the one asking the questions). Many readers interpret the card imagery at face value. For example, if the card shows a person with his back turned, walking away, the reader will tell the sitter that they will be walking away from a situation or someone will be walking away from them (depending on the surrounding cards). If the reader sees a man giving money to those in need, the reader may indicate that the sitter will be paid soon, receive a gift or some form of charity, or the sitter them self may give money, time or gifts away to others.

Another method of tarot reading requires the reader to interpret the symbology in the cards. For example, a card showing a sword erect in a strong fist, protruding from the sky would focus on the symbolic meaning of the sword. In symbolic terms, the sword alone means intellect and a sword extending to you from the sky would indicate power. Therefore this card indicates a powerful new idea is sweeping into your life. Many tarot readers combine face value and symbolic interpretations to translate the meanings in the cards.

So can tarot cards tell the future? Well the answer is yes! And no… It can depend on a number of factors.

Factor 1. Trajectory – The tarot is a tool of trajectory. Typically the story in the cards indicates where one is headed in the future based off where one has been in the past/present. If you receive a reading and you do not like the results presented in the cards then you can always change it. That is one of the nice things about the tarot; it isn’t necessarily set in stone. If you have a goal that you are not set up to reach, the tarot can warn you of this so you can step back and re-evaluate. The tarot can even indicate what you may need to work on in order to get to that goal. In other words, the tarot can show you how to change your trajectory to better aim at your target. In this way, the tarot works as a tool of empowerment, assisting you to create the life you want and make your own destiny.

Factor 2. Timing – The timing of tarot readings are also key. Tarot readings work based on the fixed point in time when one receives the reading. The tarot predicts what will happen from that point moving forward. However, after the reading, new variables can throw the reading off course. For example, if you ask the tarot if you should take that job in St. Louis, and the cards come back and say “sure that would be a good move for you,” then you may start packing your bags. However after a few weeks go by you may learn of another variable that may stop you from moving forward. A close-by parent, friend, child, etc. becomes very sick and you feel you cannot leave, or your present job offers you a big raise to stay, the stock market drops a billion points so your financial resources become unavailable, etc. These unseen/unknown factors could delay or even change the course of the original reading. That is why it is important to stay open and roll with the circumstances as they come up. It does not mean you will not make it to St. Louis, it may just mean it won’t happen on the timeline you were expecting.

Factor 3. The reader – If you are seeking answers of a divinary nature then finding a tarot reader with a solid reputation is important. As with any industry there are good and bad professionals out there, so it’s important to do your research to find the right reader for you. If you choose a reader who lacks experience and is under confident, or worst yet, is actually a genuine con artist, then you most likely will not have a good experience. Research reviews online, the years of experience each reader has with tarot, and the demand for the reader’s services. Are they booked far out in advance? If so, this may be a sign of how good they really are.

What about you? Have you received an accurate reading or given accurate readings? Or have you had the opposite experience? Leave me your comments below!

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