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What the Cards Mean: The Lovers

The Lovers: So far the Fool has encountered relationships that have primarily been between him and those in a superior position (mother, father, teacher). The Lovers card will change all that. As the Fool continues his studies under the Hierophant, he notices he is not alone. There are other “fools” present, learning the same lessons. These boys and girls are the Fool’s contemporaries and can include his friends, siblings and indeed his lovers. The Fool has alas found people on “his level”. He begins to build camaraderie and friendships whilst learning to handle his immense feelings of love.

The Lovers card is the one we all look for in the deck. Will a great love affair sweep into my life? Will my current relationship rekindle its passions? Will I feel that complete, soul connecting magic again? The Lovers card can indicate a romantic relationship is coming through, however, it really is just a card about love in general. What do you love? Who do you love? If the love of your life is a dream career then this card can indicate that dream career is coming. If the love of your life is a parrot at the pet store, then that parrot may be flying to you now. If the love of your life is a person, look out he/she may be just around the bend! The Lovers card is about discovering what you love and where you want to spend your time. Not every love is going to be 100% bliss. It will be filled with both positive and negative aspects that all experiences can offer. Ultimately the Lovers card is about choices- the choices you make now will dictate your future. Sometimes choices are made from an over consuming, emotionally raw place where there is only impulsivity and very little balance. This is much more apparent in the youth who are dealing with hormone raged bodies and make choices solely on emotion to appease those demons. However, older and wiser humans, who have managed to balance those heated throws of passion, with intellectual, physical and spiritual grounding are in a place to understand the consequences of their choices and make a much better determination of what is best for them. Therefore when the Lovers card shows up it says, what or who do you choose? Is this choice made in balance between the head and the heart? Can you live with your choices and the consequences that come with them?

If the Lovers card is in a reversed or compromised position it could mean you experience a physical separation from who or what you love, a drifting apart, loneliness, infidelity, jealousy, divorce or the wrong choice. Or it may simply mean you are disappointed over a potential opportunity. The reversed Lovers could assume you are ignoring problems, communicating poorly or starting spats and squabbles. It could indicate a relationship that cannot come together due to extenuating circumstances. It could also suggest you idealize someone but the notion is not returned and you experience unrequited love. Sexual incompatibility, a drive for dominance and control or even a fatal attraction/stalking situation can be shown with the right supporting cards.

Keywords: What/who do you love?, where do you ultimately want to end up?, choices, consequences. Reversed: Wrong choice, separation, disappointment, troubled relationship, unrequited love, sexual incompatibility, fatal attraction.

“The Lovers Card” is from The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved, used by permission.

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